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Fulerit is a brand producing professional diamond and carbide tools for diamond cutting of construction and industrial structures. A distinctive feature of Fulerit is that all the diamond blades, cup wheels, bits and drills are produced in the EU countries only (Germany, France) which positively affects the quality and stability of the products.

Fully automated plants and control system exclude human influence on a technological process of diamond blades production. Marketing and logistics are organized in such a way that Fulerit products (diamond blades, cup wheels, bits and drills) have a reasonable price which together with their highest quality makes them unchallenged on certain markets.

Fulerit produces diamond tools of wide size classes to meet the needs of industry and construction. Try Fulerit products at least once and you will remain our client forever.


New diamond bladeIn 2014 Fulerit brings to the market a budget multipurpose diamond blade FS-BT 11. This diamond disc successfully deals with the tasks assigned to it. FS-BT 11 works with a wide range of materials, including concrete with reinforcement up to 16 ... more

OSA Safety CertificateAll Fulerit diamond blades, supplied to the market of the Eurasian Customs Union, have an oSA safety tolerance certificate. oSa is an international safety certificate for abrasive and diamond tools. Products marked with the oSa sign meet the ... more

Diamond wareDiamond wire is one of the varieties of diamond rigging. It looks like a flexible metal cable, on which diamond cutting particles are placed and fixed. Thanks to these particles, which have excellent wear resistance and hardness, the scope ... more

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Expansion joint Fulerit EVO
    Steel unrecoverable deformation joints Fulerit EVO tough and durable, yet lightweight and materialoemkosti. Clever design allows us to consider the technology of seams Fulerit EVO is an innovative solution in the device, suture the protection of ...... more

    Armoured joint Fulerit А
      Fulerit A is a classical armoured joint for concrete floors in industrial and warehouse buildings. Armoured joint Fulerit A evenly distributes the load thus allowing controlled movement of adjacent slab segments. Studs firmly fix the upper plate in ...... more

      Expansion joint Fulerit - ASlim
        Expansion joint Fulerit - A Slim, a lightweight version of the standard Fulerit - A. With a single top profile (instead of paired) performs all the same functions and has the same properties as classic Fulerit - A. By saving metal, is more easily ...... more

        Armoured joint Fulerit B
          Armoured joint Fulerit B is a versatile solution for industrial floors with low load. Fulerit B has a universal design, so can be used on a range of projects. The joint is attached to any type of formwork and fastened with screws. A small height of ...... more

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