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Diamond segment openingDiamond blades tend to become blurred with the long-term cutting of hard materials. Diamond discs can also become blurred if an operator presses too hard on the tool during the work. Do not continue the work with such a diamond disc. This can lead to a loss of the segment or significant decrease in the service life of the diamond disc. In order to continue working you need a soft material: brick, sandstone or asphalt. Make a few cuts on these materials to open the diamond segments and continue working. ... more

Diamond cup wheel for concreteIn any work connected with monolithic concrete pouring various irregularities or defects may occur. It is never possible to exactly pour concrete at once. There will always be roughness somewhere. For their alignment diamond cup wheels for concrete are used. Having treated all the surfaces of the floor and walls, it is easy to smooth out irregularities. This tool for concrete perfectly copes with natural stone. All unnecessary ledges are removed well, leaving an even monolithic surface. A diamond cup wheel is good for levelling the irregularities on clinkers, concrete ... more

How to professionally groove the walls for wiring?Electricity has become an important component of comfortable home living. It allows to use many helpful instruments, tools and equipment without compromising the environment and human health. Effective power consumption largely depends on the quality of the wiring. Over time, any cable, even of the highest quality, loses its properties and overloadings, sparking outlets, blown fuses and other troubles occur. At the first signs of breakage, obsolete wiring should be replaced with a new one. The replacement should not be dalayed, because the number of problems and the degree ... more

Diamond drilling - fast and clean performance of complex worksDiamond drilling is a technology that will change your idea of ​​dismantling, replanning and doorways arrangement. There will be no dust, unbearable noise and destructive shock effects, which adversely affect the entire construction. Diamond drilling is a technological and fast process. The doorway in the concrete wall will be ready in an hour and a half, and the construction waste will be neatly packed and removed from the premises. Diamond drilling is made with professional equipment, the cutting element of which (disk, wire, chain) has impregnations of technical ... more

Diamond wareDiamond wire is one of the varieties of diamond rigging. It looks like a flexible metal cable, on which diamond cutting particles are placed and fixed. Thanks to these particles, which have excellent wear resistance and hardness, the scope application of diamond wires is very wide. Diamond wires are used on construction sites, quarries, on road and dismantling works. Correctly selected diamond wire can increase labor productivity at the site and speed up the working process. High quality cuts made by consumables with diamond particles, make it possible to achieve perfectly ... more

OSA Safety CertificateAll Fulerit diamond blades, supplied to the market of the Eurasian Customs Union, have an oSA safety tolerance certificate. oSa is an international safety certificate for abrasive and diamond tools. Products marked with the oSa sign meet the requirements of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and are regularly tested. During the tests all abrasive tools are subjected to enormous loads from centrifugal to tension. To withdraw them the products must be of very high quality. Otherwise at a speed of 80 m/s (290 km/h), the flying tool shard can cause severe ... more

New diamond bladeIn 2014 Fulerit brings to the market a budget multipurpose diamond blade FS-BT 11. This diamond disc successfully deals with the tasks assigned to it. FS-BT 11 works with a wide range of materials, including concrete with reinforcement up to 16 millimeters, and has a high cutting speed. The diamond disk FS-BT11 with a diameter of 350 millimeters has a recommended retail price of 3,500 rubles. This model of the diamond blade is produced in diameters of 230,300,350,400,450,500,600 millimeters. According to the reviews of operating organizations this model of the disc has a ... more

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