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Diamond ware

Diamond ware
Diamond wire is one of the varieties of diamond rigging. It looks like a flexible metal cable, on which diamond cutting particles are placed and fixed. Thanks to these particles, which have excellent wear resistance and hardness, the scope application of diamond wires is very wide. Diamond wires are used on construction sites, quarries, on road and dismantling works. Correctly selected diamond wire can increase labor productivity at the site and speed up the working process.

High quality cuts made by consumables with diamond particles, make it possible to achieve perfectly smooth, convenient for joining, transportation and processing edges of the material. The use of diamond wires allows you to cut material at the right angle even in hard-to-reach places and reduce the number of people involved in the production process.

Diamond wires are usually classified into categories such as: for steel, for concrete with different reinforcement, for natural stone, and universal diamond wires. Correct selection of a wire allows to reduce tool wear and to increase its efficiency. We can supply you with diamond wires with the characteristics you need. If you are not sure which diamond wire to choose, consult our specialists.

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