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Expansion joint Fulerit EVO

Expansion joint Fulerit EVO
Steel unrecoverable deformation joints Fulerit EVO tough and durable, yet lightweight and materialoemkosti. Clever design allows us to consider the technology of seams Fulerit EVO is an innovative solution in the device, suture the protection of concrete floors. The uniqueness of the seam Fulerit EVO is that any of these joints can be cut at any point, in this case, unlike steel welds traditional configuration, will remain a reliable fixation of the concrete.

Technology Fulerit EVO is the professional way to protect construction joints in concrete slabs. Perfect for interior solutions to technical problems. Using products Fulerit EVO manages to combine compensation of shrinkage of concrete with the protection of vulnerable seam areas. In the warehouse, industrial and commercial spaces, this design helps to prevent damage to the seams from the wheels of forklifts and other vehicles.

Unrecoverable formwork system, which also protects the joints and transmits load is made through a flexible sheet of galvanized steel. The continuity of attachment to concrete joints Fulerit EVO with rounded inside edges provides resettest.

The upper and lower curved parts shelves galvanized steel Poloskov as easy as possible due to the perforation. Cut them into rectangular Windows. This configuration provides continuous and uniform perception of seam efforts throughout its length.

The portions of the plates bordering the sharp upper edges of the holes of the top overhangs shelves shall be neat grout to prevent cracking of the concrete. The roundness of the open inner edges of the upper part of the seam increases the resistance to crushing and damage, which may cause the wheel vehicle. The shear tab make more efficient horizontal transfer of load from the plate on the plate and prevent vertical movement.

As used dowels of a rectangular plate of high strength steel, minimum strength of which is equal to 410 N/mm2. The distance between the centers of two adjacent dowels is 600 mm. This solution ensures reliability of load transfer through the seam.

The ends of the three-meter links are connected seams just overlap. Installation of the seams is accomplished by means of pins. The use of unrecoverable formwork speeds construction of floors, eliminating the need to install wooden timbering, its subsequent retrieval, and securing of formwork boards ankerwyke struts and the alignment of the latter.

Protection seam blocks breaking off sections of ribs of concrete slabs, thereby reducing maintenance costs of flooring. A thorough rubbing with a trowel joints of concrete and sharp edges in slotted shelves holes eliminates the possibility of chipping of the concrete along the edge of the seam. Concrete communications ensures the uniformity of the fastening seam along its length. Therefore, the seam can be cut in any place without compromising rigidity.

Rounding the edges reduces the chance of damage and the wheel lifting and transport equipment. Transfer of loads from the slab to the plate is provided with a high tensile strength rectangular shear plates. These technologically superior to round dowels the dowels, making it possible bilateral lateral movement.

At the same time limit the vertical relative displacement of adjacent plates 4 times less than when using any other of the tested joints. Easy to install products Fulerit EVO is performed using generally accepted industry methods. And the above-mentioned connection of the ends of the links overlap seams contributes to the speed and precision of installation.

All these joints available in the required altitude range. The practicality of this solution for internal flooring based on the ease of seams.

The product has a unique double profile of galvanized steel with thickness of 2.5 mm with a slotted overhang the top shelf rectangular holes. Ease of installation is obvious. It is clear that the connection of metal parts to concrete floor and there is continuous and uniform.

The system is compatible with all plate systems ankerwyke type. Highly effective protection of the seam prevents chipping sections of ribs of slabs. To an even greater extent reduces the risk of chipping rectangular perforation of the upper parts Poloskov.

Expansion joint Fulerit EVO is designed for outdoor use in all weather conditions. It is suitable for use in aggressive internal environments. The design of this unrecoverable formwork system allows it to compensate for both thermal expansion and shrinkage compression.

Unique profile with a rectangular notchings in the bent towards each other the edges of the shelves provides protection of the weld, the width of which may exceed 30 mm. All products Fulerit EVO provide the inextricable link plate with concrete along the entire length of the seam.

Dividing profiles of polowy of galvanized steel supplied as standard. The minimum strength of the steel rectangular plate dowels provide the load transfer through the seam, is also equal to 410 N/mm2.

The distance between the centers of adjacent keys in this case is 600 mm. When connecting ends of parts of the seams overlap and mutual overlap of the ends is 60 mm. Mounting is accomplished by means of pins.

Santrivani in concrete perforated shelf ensures the uniformity of the fastening seam along its length. In other words, the sameness of the efforts arising at compression of the concrete.

Galvanized profiles allows to use the EVO joints Fulerit in aggressive environments. This design is specially designed for specific conditions, including the expected opening of the seam, the need for load transfer of appropriate size and nature, and the degree of exposure to chemicals.

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