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Diamond drill bits

Diamond drill bits are a tool for drilling holes of large diameters (50 mm and above). Operation of diamond drill bits requires a great professionalism of workers, as they can easily be put out of action. Fulerit diamond drill bits have a high resource and an amazing cutting speed.

    Fulerit CRB-FPD is a high-speed diamond drill bit for reinforced concrete. Its unique geometry makes it possible to significantly reduce lateral friction, which increases the speed of the passage of reinforcement. Working with Fulerit CRB-FPD ...
      Fulerit CRB-FVD is a high quality diamond drill bit for intensive cutting of reinforced concrete. CRB-FVD is equipped with a self-sharpening diamond segment. Cutting with Fulerit CRB-FVD diamond drill bit is recommended with water cooling. Fulerit ...
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